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We are Bike in BD and updated this page to show the most recent prices of Honda motorcycles for sale in Bangladesh. We think, which is good news for people who ride, like, or support Honda motorcycles. Plus, there are pictures and descriptions of all the models that are currently selling price in Bangladesh.

A lot of people in the World know the name HONDA, and the same is true in Bangladesh. Honda is the brand name of Honda Motor Company Limited, which is a Japanese multinational company that does business all over the world. Most people think of motorcycles, cars, and power tools when they think of Honda. Even beyond the automotive industry, Honda has established itself as a dominant player in the marine, aviation, and robotics fields.

Bangladeshi Popular Honda Bikes

New Honda CBR 150R (ABS)

Honda CBR150r Price in BD

New Honda CBR 150R (ABS) comes with 149.2cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 145 KMPH with average 38 KMPL mileage. 

CBR 150R Repsol (ABS)

Honda CBR 150R Motogp repsol price in BD

Honda CBR 150R MotoGP Repsol (ABS) comes with 149.2cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 138 KMPH with average 35 KMPL mileage.

CBR 150R Indonesian (ABS)

Honda CBR 150R Indonesian price in BD

Honda CBR 150R Indonesian (ABS) comes with 149.2cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 145 KMPH with average 38 KMPL mileage. 

Honda CB 150R ExMotion

Honda CB 150R Exmotion ABS price in bd

Honda CB 150R ExMotion (ABS) comes with 149cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 150 KMPH with average 35 KMPL mileage.

Honda CB 150R StreetFire

Honda CB 150R SteetFire price in BD

Honda CB 150R StreetFire (DD) comes with 149.2cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 140 KMPH with average 35 KMPL mileage.

Honda CB Hornet 160R (ABS)

Honda CB Hornet 160R ABS price in BD

Honda CB Hornet 160R (ABS) comes with 162.7cc air-cooled engine. It’s approx 110 KMPH with an average of 40 KMPL mileage.

Honda CB Hornet 160R (CBS)

Honda CB Hornet 160R CBS price in bd

Honda CB Hornet 160R (CBS) comes with 162.7cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 110 KMPH with average 40 KMPL mileage.

Honda CRF 150L (DD)

Honda CRF 150L Price in BD

Honda CRF 150L (DD) comes with 149cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 113 KMPH with average 40 KMPL mileage.

Honda X-Blade 160 (ABS)

Honda X-Blade 160 ABS Price in BD

Honda X-Blade 160 (ABS) comes with 162.7cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 110 KMPH with average 40 KMPL mileage.

Honda X-Blade 160 (SD)

Honda X-Blade 160 SD price in BD

Honda X-Blade 160 (SD) comes with 162.7cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 110 KMPH with average 40 KMPL mileage.

Honda CB Shine SP (SD)

Honda CB Shine SP Price in BD

Honda CB Shine SP (SD) comes with 124.7cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 100 KMPH with average 55 KMPL mileage.

Honda Livo (SD)

Honda Livo SD Price in BD

Honda Livo (SD) comes wih 109.5cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 86 KMPH with average 65 KMPL mileage.

Honda Livo (drum)

Honda Livo drum Price in BD

Honda Livo (drum) comes with  109.5cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 86 KMPH with average 65 KMPL mileage.

Honda Dream Neo (drum)

Honda Dream Neo Price in BD

Honda Dream Neo (drum) comes with 109.5cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 100 KMPH with average 65 KMPL mileage.

Honda Dio (drum)

Honda Dio price in BD

Honda Dio (drum) comes with 109.5cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 83 KMPH with average 55 KMPL mileage.

Honda Vario 125 (SD)

Honda Vario 125 Price in BD

Honda Vario 125 (SD) comes with 125cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 100 KMPH with average 50 KMPL mileage.

Honda ADV 150 (DD)

Honda ADV 150 Price in BD

Honda ADV 150 (DD) comes with 149cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 120 KMPH with average 45 KMPL mileage.

Honda PCX 150 (DD)

Honda PCX 150 price in bd

Honda PCX 150 (DD) comes with 153cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 110 KMPH with average 40 KMPL mileage.

Honda Super Cub C125 (SD)

Honda Super Cub C125 price in bd

Honda Super Cub C125 (SD) comes with 124.9cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 90 KMPH with average 45 KMPL mileage.

Global History of Honda

Want to buy a Honda car, outboard, lawnmower, maybe a robotic one trimmer, sprayer, leaf blower, generator, a tv, side-by-side mountain bike, or actual robot honda makes them all. 

The company even makes jets. Which are reasonably priced or as reasonably priced as jets can be and reliable they better be. Sadly I’m not in the market but all this started with motorcycles. In a dream literally, that’s what the first honda motorcycle was called and a man who was a bit of a wild genius. Because it takes a wild genius to accomplish big things and so Sushirohonda belongs to that club. 

An engineer, a visionary, and a chance taker the young Soichiro went from being a mechanic to founding a company. Which built piston rings for Toyota among other companies. After world war ii with Japanese roads and infrastructure tatters soSushirosold his piston ring business and embarked on a new venture with businessman Takeo Fujisawa. 

Their goal is to provide the Japanese people with cheap reliable transportation capable of traversing japan’s damaged road system and the rest is history. It’s funny to think that an iconic company like triumph was producing motorcycles four years before Honda was born. 

yet in his lifetime, he managed to build a company that not only sold more motorcycles than any other brand but basically killed the British motorcycle industry. 

The history of honda began with tragedy and opportunity. The tragedy of world war ii led Sushiro honda to recognize the need for inexpensive transportation. And so he purchased a large number of world war ii surplus two-stroke generator motors and repurposed them by grafting them onto bicycle frames. Once the supply of motors was exhausted so Sushiro founded Honda Motor Company Limited with Takeo Fujisawa and started designing a motorcycle in 1948.

The Honda Model D, E, and Cub F

“D for dream” a 98cc two-stroke motorcycle was introduced a year later. By 1951 after being generally annoyed by the noise and fumes of Japanese two-stroke motorcycles Honda introduced the dream E. 

A 146 cc four-stroke model. A year later the company made a return to two-stroke production by building 50cc bicycle clip-on motors and selling them through thousands of bicycle shops. The motor’s name is cub F. 

An inauspicious beginning to the cub name which would eventually become the greatest trademark in not just motorcycling but motor vehicle history.

Racing Life of Honda

Later in the 50s Sushiro Honda made it publicly known that his intention was to enter motorcycle racing and compete with the oldest and most established brands in motorcycling. 

In 1959 Honda first sent the team to the Isle of Man TT to compete in the 125cc ultra-lightweight class. Their top rider finished sixth but the team won the manufacturer’s class. They went back to Japan and back to the drawing board determined to improve. 

Two years later they returned with mike Halewood. Who won the 125cc class. Honda also finished second, third, fourth, and fifth. Halewood also won the 250cc class and honda finished second, third, fourth, and fifth.

It’s hard to underestimate the impact of these wins on the motorcycling world. Imagine that a company that started from scratch 12 years ago, in a country devastated by war went to the isle of man tt. Today and not only won two competitive classes but completely dominated them. The isle of man examiner stated, “it was a devastating win for the orient and it was far from the last one”.

Best Ever Advertising of Honda Bikes

As this was going on Honda was determined to break into the richest market in the world and began importing its small displacement super cub into the united states. At the time in the U.S. motorcycling was seen as an anti-social activity. The purview of hooligans and undesirables would roll into your town and cause havoc.

Honda needed a strategy to break into the mainstream and settled on an unconventional one. They weren’t going to advertise in typical motorcycle magazines or even use the word motorcycle. They would focus on mainstream media and attempt to show Americans that motorcycling was for everyone. 

You meet the nicest people on a Honda campaign created by grey advertising is considered among the most successful advertising campaigns of all time. It combined vibrant colors with images of wholesome folks on Honda bikes and changed Americans’ and the world’s view of motorcycling making the activity socially acceptable for people who didn’t grease their hair or wear leather jackets.

Again in Racing

Honda even sponsored the academy awards the first non-American company to do so and sales which were brisk already exploded. One of Sushiro Honda’s most interesting characteristics was his stubbornness. Which most notably manifested itself in his insistence on forging ahead with racing four-stroke motors even when pitted against the seemingly insurmountable power and weight advantage of two strokes. 

Honda correctly predicted that four strokes were going to be the future and in the mid-60s when the competition turned to two-stroke motors and 250cc class.  Honda built a 250cc six-cylinder four-stroke race bike called the three RC-164. The bike wasn’t immediately successful but mike Halewood eventually won back-to-back gp championships on it in 1966 and 67. 

The late 60s were an important time for Honda. In 1968 the company produced its 10 millionth motorcycle and in the 69s it introduced the CB-750. One of the most disruptive motorcycles of all time.

 At a time when twin-cylinder Harleys, Triumphs, and BSAS ruled heavyweight motorcycle sales and it was accepted that motorcycles leaked oil and sometimes started and sometimes didn’t. The CB-750 was a revelation. not only was it more reliable than the established brands it was lighter came with the first ever front disc brake had a superbike level 67 horsepower and could hit 200 kilometers per hour or 125 miles per hour bone stock. 

It established the inline four-cylinder as the engine architecture for the UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle) and set a new bar for what a motorcycle should be. Honda raced a version of the bike called the CR-750 in the Daytona 200 in 1970 and one. That’s one way to capture the imagination of the American public. The CB-750 is largely credited with killing Triumph and BSA and almost doing the same to Harley. 

Which teetered on the verge of oblivion for the next two decades and had to be rescued repeatedly from the big bad competition from the east. Needless to say, Honda sold a mess of Seabees in various displacements and continues to do so today. Honda continued its racing success in the 70s when Gary jones won the ama motocross championship on a CR-250. Perhaps the best dirt bike of the era.

In 1974 the Honda gold wing was introduced raising the bar for technology and innovation and touring motorcycles. The gold wing has since become one of the most beloved names in motorcycling with an army of devoted riders obsessed with piling big miles on their bikes. The 80s rolled around and Honda continued to win races with Freddy Spencer taking the 500cc world championship in 1983. Three years later the VFR one of Honda’s most iconic bike lines was introduced. 

These v4 motorcycles are generally acknowledged as some of the greatest bikes of all time with bulletproof motors thanks to gear-driven overhead cams. In the 90s Honda continued refining the VFR while also developing their inline-four motorcycles. Perhaps the most impressive of these was the Fireblade which combined the power of a liter bike with a size of a 600 and absolutely obliterated its competition by raising the performance bar so high.

Valentino Rossi ushered in the new millennium for Honda by winning the last 500cc two-stroke Moto GP championship in 2001 and the first 990cc four-stroke championship in 2002.

Four Years Later

Honda sold its 50 millionths super cub. The highest-selling motor vehicle of all time. Four years after that the company introduced its DCT automatic transmission and has become a leader in this technology offering many DCT models throughout its lineup. And lately, Honda has led the way in the resurgence of the mini moto scene with a wide range of models including its current highest seller the grom. 

It’s been a long haul for the most successful motor company in history. The chances that Sushiro Honda took in building and expanding to new markets could very well have sunk the company. And there definitely were plenty of setbacks. 

But it takes a wild man to take those chances and so Sushirowas definitely one of those. The stories of his crazy nights with sake and geisha abound. And his brilliance drive and daring paved the way for his enormous success.

Where Does Honda Stand Today?

It is the largest and highest-selling manufacturer of two-wheeled motor vehicles of all time. Not only that Honda was again the world’s largest seller in 2021 by moving 13.8 million bikes in the first 11 months of the year. 

One in three motorcycles and scooters sold around the world is a Honda. The company has also sold over 100 million super cubs and variants the highest-selling vehicle of all time.

It has numerous racing wins across various racing classes including stunning recent success in the Dakar Rally. It’s a leader in automatic motorcycles and the mini motor sphere as well. The list of iconic models from Honda is long and varied. Besides the CUBs, CBS, Gold Wings, VFRs, Mini Motos, and Fireblades, which I already mentioned.

There are wild bikes like the blackbird which at one time was the world’s fastest motorcycle.

There’s also the fury the only factory chopper currently made by a major manufacturer. The African twin is one of the top-selling adventure bikes on the planet. The XR and CRF lines lead the off-road charge and then there are the scooters which make up a huge portion of Honda’s worldwide sales.

Of the four major Japanese manufacturers, Honda is considered the most premium. Their bikes have the highest quality finishes and tend to be priced higher than the competition. One criticism is that Honda plays down the middle attempting to appeal to the greatest number of consumers which results in bikes that don’t stand out. 

Some even call Honda boring, really. The Valkyrie especially the Rune, the Fireblade, the blackbird, the VFR, the Fury hell, and the CB-750. All of those bikes were revolutionary in their own way and all went out on a limb. 

Honda seems to do things their own way not paying much attention to the trends followed by others. The XR line stubbornly stuck to four strokes in the face of two-stroke competition for decades and made it work. Honda’s 300cc bikes actually 286cc are smaller than the competition. Honda also made a line of 471cc motorcycles smack dab between the 300 and 650 classes which basically have no competitors. The African twin sits in the middle between the larger 12 to 1300-cc adventure bikes and the mid-sized seven to 900-cc ones. And Honda stubbornly refuses at least thus far to give us a smaller one or a transom.

Finally, the rebels are a line of cruisers that do not use v-twin engines and yet sell will. when you’re the 800-pound gorilla you set the trends not follow them.

Summary of Established of This Brand

Soichiro Honda, Honda Motor Company’s namesake and founder, was passionate About cars. In 1937, he tuned vehicles at the Art Shokai garage where he worked and raced them. With an automated technique that allowed for the use of even inexperienced wartime laborers, Honda was able to mass-produce piston rings suitable for Toyota by 1941.

In 1949, Honda released the D-Type, their first fully assembled motorcycle and the first to bear the Dream moniker. After that, the business expanded rapidly to become the largest motorbike maker in the world.

Honda Bike in Bangladesh

Honda: the strength to realize your wildest vision. The people of Bangladesh may attest that Honda has given them hope. BHL (Bangladesh Honda Private Limited) is now producing Honda motorcycles in Bangladesh. The motorbike sector in Bangladesh, led by Honda, is poised for explosive growth in the near future. Motorcycles in the BD Market will finally be reasonably priced as a result.

A joint venture between Honda Motor Company Limited (Japan) and Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation (under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies of Bangladesh), Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL) operates the motorbike industry segment in Bangladesh (Bangladesh). On December 4, 2012, the firm was incorporated in Bangladesh. The joint project agreement was signed on September 27, 2012.

In addition to producing vehicles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment, Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a well-known Japanese public multinational company. As early as 1959, Honda had already established itself as the industry leader in motorcycle production. The motorbike industry is one of their main areas of operation in Bangladesh.

Popularity of Honda Bike in Bangladesh

Thanks to its effectiveness and durability, Bangladeshi soil and culture have preserved it to this day. Most Bangladeshis still associate Honda with motorcycles in general. In Bangladesh, this brand has gained acclaim for its high quality well beyond its borders. There aren’t a lot of options for fulfilling engine CC requirements in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, these are the only options offered.