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Yamaha M Slaz Price in BD Yellow

In Here, we’ll provide Yamaha M Slaz review of features and specifications, as well as discuss the pros and cons of the motorcycle manufacturing.

We’ll also analyze the range for Yamaha M Slaz BD Price and offer some final thoughts on the motorcycle. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Yamaha M-Slaz 150 Price, read on.

  • Engine – 150cc
  • Power – 16.6 BHp (Break Horsepower)
  • Torque – 14.3 NM (Newton Meter)
  • Mileage – (32-38)
  • Weight – 135 KG
  • Brake System – Dual channel Hydraulic disc

Yamaha M-Slaz 150 Features & Specification

The Yamaha M-Slaz 150 is a motorcycle known for its speed, agility, and ability to do many different things. Here are some of its most important parts and specs:

  • Engine: The M-Slaz 150 has a single-cylinder, 150cc, SOHC engine that gives it a smooth start and a lot of torque.
  • Suspension: The front suspension of the motorcycle is a telescopic fork, and the back suspension is a single shock. Even on rough terrain, this suspension set-up makes the ride smooth and stable.
  • Brakes: Both the front and back wheels of the M-Slaz 150 are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. This gives the bike great stopping power and control.
  • Design: The M-Slaz 150’s design is aggressive and sporty, with sharp lines and a smooth shape. It’s also easy to ride because the seat is flat and the handlebars are high.
  • Dimensions: The M-Slaz 150 has a wheelbase of 1,360mm and a seat height of 785mm, which makes it easy to steer and comfortable for riders of all sizes.
  • Fuel efficiency: The M-Slaz 150 has a fuel tank that can hold 10.2 liters of gas and is estimated to get 38 km or more per liter of gas.

Overall, the Yamaha M-Slaz 150 is a strong and quick motorcycle that is great for riders who want a ride that can go anywhere and is reliable.

Engine Details

Engine Type: 

149cc, single-cylinder, 4 strokes, SOHC

Maximum Power: 

16.6 BHp 8,500 rpm







Maximum Torque: 

14.3 NM (Newton Meter) at 7,250 rpm

Compression ration:

9.5: 1



Fuel Supply:

Fuel Injection

Engine Starting type: 

Electric Starter

Number of Cylinders: 


Transmission type: 

6-speed manusal transmission

Engine Cooling: 


Clutch type:

Wet, Double-disc

Chassis & Suspension

Front suspension: 

Telescopic fork


41 mm inner tube


Rear suspension: 




Yamaha M-Slaz 150 Wheels


17-inch alloy


Tubeless radial

Front wheel: 

110/80- 17

Rare wheel: 

130/70- 17

Spoke design: 


M-slaz Brakes

Front brake: 270mm with Single disc
Caliper: Single-piston
Rear brake:220mm with Single disc
Caliper: Single-piston
ABS system:N/A

Yamaha M-Slaz 150 Electricals


12V, 5Ah


Battery location: 

Under the seat


Electric System: 

T.C.I (Transistor Controlled Ignition)

Ignition System: 

Full transistorized










Black, Blue, Dark Night , Green, Yellow Light

Yamaha M-Slaz 150 Pros & Cons

  • The Yamaha M-Slaz is a motorcycle that stands out on the road because it is sporty and stylish.
  • The 150cc engine can handle both city streets and highways.
  • The chassis is light and quick, which makes it easy to handle and move around.
  • The suspension system is made so that the ride is smooth and easy.
  • The brakes on the motorcycle are strong and stop the bike well.
  • Good fuel mileage means that riders can save money on fuel.
  • The motorcycle is reliable and will last because Yamaha is a well-known brand.
  • When compared to other motorcycles in its class, the price of the Yamaha M-Slaz in Bangladesh may seem high.
  • Long-distance riders may have to fill up the small gas tank often.
  • On long rides, the seat may not be comfortable for some people.
  • Due to its small size, the motorcycle might not be good for taller riders.
  • Riders who need to carry things may find it inconvenient that there is no place to put them.
  • In some parts of Bangladesh, it may be hard to find spare parts and service.

Yamaha M-Slaz 150 Engine Details

The Yamaha M-Slaz 150 has a reliable and long-lasting single-cylinder 150cc SOHC engine. The engine starts up smoothly and has a lot of torque, which makes it easy to drive on both city streets and open roads. It gets an estimated (38+) kmpl out of a gallon of gas, so riders can go farther without having to fill up the 10.2-liter fuel tank.

The engine of the M-Slaz 150 can make up to 16.8 BHp of power at 8,500 rpm and 14.3 NM of torque at 7,250 rpm. This is enough power to get up hills and deal with other road challenges.

Overall, the Yamaha M-Slaz 150’s engine is reliable, can do what it needs to do, and makes riding fun.

Yamaha M-Slaz 150 Chassis & Suspension

The chassis and suspension of the Yamaha M-Slaz 150 are set up to be quick, stable, and comfortable. The chassis has a diamond-shaped frame made of high-tensile steel that is light, strong, durable, and reliable.

This improves the motorcycle’s handling, performance, and control. Even on rough terrain, the way the suspension is set up makes the ride smooth and stable.

The front suspension is a telescopic fork that smooths out bumps and vibrations. The back suspension is a single shock that does the same thing. The suspension is comfortable and responsive, and it can be changed to fit different riding styles and preferences.

Overall, the Yamaha M-Slaz 150 is easy to ride on city streets or open roads because it is stable, smooth, and comfortable.

Yamaha M-Slaz 150 Wheels & Brakes

The Yamaha M-Slaz 150 has high-performance tires on 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels. The tires are made to grip well and stay stable on different types of road surfaces.

The tire on the front wheel is 110/70-17 m c 54s, and the tire on the back wheel is 130/70-17 m c 62s. The wheels are strong and light, which makes the bike easier to control and more stable, especially when turning at high speeds.

Both wheels of the M-Slaz 150 have hydraulic disc brakes, which make it easy to stop and stop quickly. The brake calipers only have one piston, and the front brake discs are 270mm in diameter and the back brake discs are 220mm.

Overall, the M-Slaz 150 has good stopping power and control, so you can ride on city streets or open roads with confidence and safety.

Yamaha M-Slaz 150 Electricals

The Yamaha M-Slaz 150 is equipped with a range of electrical components that help to power the motorcycle and its various systems. Here are some key details about the M-Slaz 150’s electricals:

  • Battery: The M-Slaz 150 is equipped with a 12V, 5Ah battery that powers the motorcycle’s electrical systems and helps to start the engine.
  • Electric starter: The M-Slaz 150 is equipped with an electric starter, which allows the rider to start the engine with the push of a button.
  • Instrumentation: The M-Slaz 150 is equipped with an instrument panel that includes a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, and other important information.
  • Clock: The M-Slaz 150 is equipped with a clock that allows the rider to keep track of the time while on the road.
  • Headlight/Taillight switch: The M-Slaz 150 is equipped with a headlight or taillight switch that allows the rider to turn the headlight on and off as needed. Tailight is adjusted with a leg brake.
  • Turn signal switch: The M-Slaz 150 is also equipped with a turn signal switch that allows the rider to activate the turn signals when changing lanes or turning.

Overall, the Yamaha M-Slaz 150’s electrical features are designed to improve the motorcycle’s performance and convenience, making it easier and more enjoyable to ride.

Why you should Buy Yamaha M-Slaz 150

The Yamaha M-Slaz 150 is a versatile sport bike that is popular among riders for its power, agility, and sleek design. Its reliable 150cc engine offers smooth acceleration and high torque, capable of tackling hills and various road challenges.

The suspension setup, consisting of a telescopic fork at the front and a mono-shock at the rear, ensures a stable and comfortable ride over rough terrain.

In summary, the Yamaha M-Slaz 150 is a perfect sport bike for riders seeking power, agility, versatility, and style.

Analysis of the price range for the Yamaha M-Slaz in BD

The Yamaha M-Slaz price in BD range of around 350,000 BDT to 400,000 BDT in Bangladesh. While this price may be high for some buyers, the M-Slaz 150’s exceptional features and performance justify the cost for many riders.


In conclusion, the Yamaha M-Slaz 150 is a premium sport bike with exceptional features and performance. While it may come with a high price tag, it is well worth the investment for riders who prioritize powerful engines, agility, and versatility.

However, potential buyers should do their research and consider a test ride before making a final purchase decision.

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