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We are Bike in BD and updated this page to show the most recent prices of Kawasaki Bike for sale in Bangladesh. We think, which is good news for people who ride, like, or support Kawasaki bikes. Plus, there are pictures and descriptions of all the models that are currently selling price in Bangladesh.

Kawasaki motorcycles are more expensive than those from Honda and Yamaha, two other industry leaders. Consequently, the Kawasaki market is not expanding as rapidly in Bangladesh and India. Another is that the brand lacks a reasonably priced entry-level motorcycle, a popular category in both Bangladesh and India.

Bangladeshi Popular Kawasaki Bikes

Kawasaki Ninja 125 (ABS)

Kawasaki Ninja 125 ABS Price in BD

Kawasaki Ninja 125 (ABS) comes with 125cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 120 KMPH with average 45 KMPL mileage.

Kawasaki Z125 (ABS)

Kawasaki Z125 ABS Price in BD

Kawasaki Z125 (ABS) comes with 125cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 122 KMPH with average 45 KMPL mileage.

Kawasaki D-Tracker (DD)

Kawasaki D-Tracker Price in BD

Kawasaki D-Tracker (DD) comes with 144cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 127 KMPH with average 40 KMPL mileage.

Kawasaki KLX 150 BF (DD)

Kawasaki KLX 150 BF Price in BD

Kawasaki KLX 150 BF (DD) comes with 144cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 115 KMPH with average 40 KMPL mileage.

Kawasaki KLX 150 L (DD)

Kawasaki KLX 150 L Price in BD

Kawasaki KLX 150 L (DD) comes with 144cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 110 KMPH with an average of 38 KMPL mileage.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro (DD)

Kawasaki Z125 Pro Price in BD

Kawasaki Z125 Pro (DD) comes with 125cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 88 KMPH with an average of 49 KMPL mileage.

Kawasaki KSR Pro (DD)

Kawasaki KSR Pro Price in BD

Kawasaki KSR Pro (DD) comes with 110cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 80 KMPH with average 35 KMPL mileage.

Global History of Kawasaki

The question of what the future will hold for all of us can be glimpsed in part by looking at the actions we have taken in the past. Kawasaki’s past is a proven history of innovative ideas forged into reality by the sweaty tenacity and beliefs of our workforce. Beliefs that are very much in line with those of our dealer’s beliefs start with creating the best products, programs, services,s and support possible to deliver experiences. That not only puts a smile on our customer’s faces or a trophy on their shelves but leaves each of them with their spirit lifted, their heads turned toward the horizon, moving bravely forward.

Looking back on Kawasaki heritage with the idea of marking those moments that best represent the achievements of our combined human spirit. We should start in 1981 and the birth of Kawasaki Team Green.

Kawasaki motors corp USA gives genesis to the team green program its mandate was simple and clear to support Kawasaki racers at amateur motocross races across the country. 

That simple mandate has helped churn out world-class champions like Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy Mcgrath, Jeff Emmick, and Ryan Villopoto the result of that forward all-encompassing thinking is that Kawasaki owners feel like they belong to something bigger a community of like-minded owners, riders, dealers and technicians who stand ready to support participate ride and race at the drop of a flag.

Today we all benefit from the dreams and hard work of our forbearers. Sir Isaac newton’s quote if I have seen further is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Certainly holds true for Kawasaki motorsports engineers and designers who owe much of their success to the men and women who strive before them under varying companies bearing the Kawasaki name.

These industrious souls developed and produced everything from powerful ships to technically advanced helicopters. 1878 the company’s origins story takes us back to Tokyo when Chozo Kawasaki established the Kawasaki Tsukiji shipyard. 1911 the first Kawasaki-made locomotive rolled out of the Kawasaki rolling stock factory.

In 1918 with ocean lanes and railways covered Kawasaki founded an aircraft company to venture into the skies. 1922 Kawasaki started building metal aircraft prepping the technological innovations of today.

1933 in the midst of the worldwide great depression Kawasaki kept its eyes on the future and started manufacturing classy rokogo passenger cars right alongside their hard-working rokogo trucks and buses. 1954 in cooperation with bell aircraft Kawasaki completed the 47d1 helicopter. The first helicopter was built in japan.

1964 when it comes to manufacturing trains Kawasaki heavy industries can’t help but imbue their spirit into the fastest trains on the planet bullet trains. 1969 a glimpse of the future comes in the shape of japan’s first industrial robot made by Kawasaki. These mechanized marvels herald in an age of tireless precision in the processes of assembly handling, welding, painting, and sealing.

1991 Kawasaki’s tunnel boring machines successfully completed work on the underwater euro tunnel linking Great Britain and the European continent. 2001 the company opens us’s first fully integrated train building factory inside Kawasaki motors manufacturing corp USA in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

The production line integrates body fabrication testing, painting, and outfitting in a single stream from the entrance to the exit. Defining what the human spirit is can be a daunting task. Perhaps there is no greater place to see the human spirit in action than within Kawasaki’s

motorsports division. It is here that you find the ever-increasing synergy between technological prowess and racing technological advancements like the assistant slipper clutch. 

Kawasaki launch Control mode, 

  • Sports Kawasaki traction control
  • Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock brake
  • Kawasaki cornering management function 
  • Kawasaki quick shifter 

Not only keep the team green up front in a race but these technologies and others are also integrated into production models to help enhance any rider’s joy and thrill of riding motorcycles.

Kawasaki Motorsport's Legacy

Let’s take a closer look at Kawasaki motorsport’s legacy and some of the motorsport milestones you and your customers would be proud to brag About to another aficionado. Let’s admit it is half the fun of belonging to a motorsports community to begin with.

1966 Kawasaki’s first stateside headquarters an old warehouse in chicago was a humble beginning for the factory team sent to open the us market the Kawasaki w1 series was first sold as a 1966 model in the North American market it boasted the largest engine displacement of any model manufactured in Japan at the time.

1968 eastern Kawasaki motorcycle corp and the original chicago company merged to form Kawasaki motors corp USA kmc in Southern, California.

1972 Kawasaki pushed for ultimate performance when they delivered a project codenamed New York state it was the legendary z1 900 which helped popularize the in-line across the frame four-cylinder format  that became known as the universal japanese motorcycle or ujm. 

973 now a major power in the motorcycle

1973 now a major power in the motorcycle industry kmc was building its own distribution network to offer dealers and customers better service. Kawasaki pioneered the personal watercraft business with what they first called water jets and power skis until the name Jet Ski was made official. 1974 the kx line were the first models from Kawasaki planned from the ground up to be serious motocross racers. 

1974 kmc established a new motorcycle factory in lincoln nebraska the first ever u.s manufacturing site for japanese motorcycle or automobile makers. 1975 the new plant started producing the kz series motorcycles and jet ski watercraft.

1984 the first Kawasaki ninja was born the gpz 900 ninja with an all-new liquid-cooled four-cylinder driving its cams from the left side instead of the middle it outperformed the big air-cooled multis of the time. 1985 Kawasaki’s first cruiser the Vulcan vn 700a rolled out with another Kawasaki first a V-twin engine.

1988 the first mule hit the market and proved so amazingly versatile that it is now a common sight on farms docks or anywhere a lightweight sturdy utility vehicle is needed. 2005 the king of all Atvs arrived in glory crowned with the industry’s largest displacement engine the Brute Force 750 4×4 i reigned supreme with its luxurious ride and tough sport utility image.

2008 Kawasaki boldly entered the newly developing recreation utility vehicle market with the terex 750 4×4 designed to offer high-performance side-by-side riding the terrex featured the category’s only v-twin engine.

2015 the Kawasaki ninja h2r a supercharged super sport class motorcycle is first released. 

James hillier rode the superbike into the history books by reaching speeds topping 206 miles per hour in the isle of man’s sulby street.

 Everyone would agree that racing itself is a physical manifestation of the human spirit each contender and machine asked to give their all and more with that in mind check out some of a very long list of wins and firsts that Kawasaki machines and their masters have accomplished. The first appearance of a race machine based on the Kawasaki b7 made its debut at an all-japan motocross race in 1961. 

So when did Kawasaki’s famous Lime green become the company’s choice of color the paint was developed in 1968 and at the Daytona 200 the following year all the a7rs and a1ras factory race machines were cloaked in Lime green. 

The rest is history Kawasaki devoted a new department to develop a new motocross racer in 1972. Prototypes of the kx 250 and kx 125 next generation moto crossers were entered in local races and production models launched in 1973.

The 1971 H2R A 748 cubic centimeter, two-stroke three-cylinder production racer inspired such awe in circuits around the world. that it was given a nickname and Gary Nixon won the 1973 ama road racing championship writing the Green Meanie. A two-stroke 500cc motocross is a monster machine but Jeff Ward was able to tame the beast taking his kx 500 to successive 500 class titles in 1989 and 1990. He became the first rider in ama history to win four different crowns Jeremy Mcgrath wins his very first ama supercross aboard a Kawasaki 125.

Stefan evarts and his kx250 dominated the 1995 world motocross championship taking five victories and the title it was the first world motocross title for Kawasaki. The following year sebastian tortelli won the 125 class championship on the KX 125

In1997 you could say Jeff Emig had the year of his life with team green in the 13 round series. He won seven races and finished second five times. He won 17 of the 26 motos that year claiming the 250cc motocross National championship as well as the 250cc supercross championship.

Ricky Carmichael aboard his pro circuit Kawasaki dominated the 125 cc National motocross championship series capturing his first professional championship.Kawasaki’s ninja ZX-6R had debuted in1995 but it was in 2001 that a factory team brought out the best in that ninja and consistent riding by Andrew Pitt earned Kawasaki. Its first title in the fim super sport world championship.

James Stewart took the supercross title on his KX, 450F while Ryan Villopoto took the supercross lights west and ben townley the supercross lights east titles on the KX 250F making it a clean sweep of lime green across all classes.

Ryan villopoto stepped up to the 450 class and everything came together in 2011. When he took his KX 450F to the first of four back-to-back supercross titles. Ama motocross titles in 2011 and 2013 only reinforced his unbeatable image.

Blake Baggett wins the national motocross championship on his KX 250. Atom Tykes on his Ninja ZX 10R takes the  world sbk title with nine race victories in his 18 podium finishes to win the championship.

The 2018 super sport 300 world championship saw a Ninja 400 mounted anna carrasco take two wins on her way to securing the championship. She became the first female racer to win a race and the first female racer to win a title in the history of FIM World championship racing.

Then in 2019 manuel gonzalez became the youngest ever fim road racing champion. When he took Kawasaki’s second consecutive title in this ultra competitive class. 

Courtney duncan became fim WMX women’s world motocross champion in 2019.WiIth the arrival of the more potent Ninja ZX-10R in 2017 Kawasaki.

Jonathan Ray became an unbeatable duo. Rewriting the record books with five consecutive writers and manufacturers titles most wins in a season most points in a season and most podiums in a season.

On an all-new KX 450 Eli Tomac displayed overwhelming speed and clockwork consistency of the 24 races held over 12 rounds, he took 11 wins and 19 podium finishes earning the title for the third time in a row.

Many writers got their start with team green and as the past has shown us the latest team green generation can look forward to a very promising future. Few companies in the world can say they build the things that can move the human spirit literally. Kawasaki is one of them Kawasaki is best known in the US for motorsport products but the company draws much of its engineering innovations from what it does in the heavy industries. From aircraft engines and bullet trains to bridges and power plants. 

There’s no limit to what we can accomplish moving forward. Kawasaki has a long history of manufacturing and innovation that has taken the human spirit far beyond motorsports. W e have just taken an inspirational look at the history of Kawasaki motorsport product development and why you can be proud to be a part of it.

Kawasaki has a commitment to you our dealers and your customers Kawasaki’s products programs training and support have always been built with you in mind. Because we could never go it alone, we simply couldn’t do it without you.

Because together we are more than the sum of our parts together we create something bigger than life. We embody the will of the human spirit to keep on moving.

Kawasaki Bike in Bangladesh

The coveted Kawasaki motorcycle, winner of the MotoGP world championship, has arrived in Bangladesh. So there is currently a great deal of enthusiasm among the people of Bangladesh for Kawasaki motorcycles. They’re looking for the latest Kawasaki motorcycle prices in Bangladesh. On this page, we’ve listed the current prices of nearly every Kawasaki motorcycle for sale in Bangladesh, for the convenience of prospective buyers, vendors, and lovers of Kawasaki motorcycles in that country.

Kawasaki, a Japanese company, is one of the world’s leading producers of heavy-duty motorcycles. Kawasaki is a widely recognized name in the world of sport and off-road motorcycles. Kawasaki is well-known as an innovative motorcycle producer as well. Kawasaki motorcycles are widely used in Western nations, but their popularity is just beginning to spread to emerging markets like those in South Asia.

Originally a cooperation, Kawasaki Aircraft produced motorcycles under the Meguro brand. In 1963, Kawasaki and Meguro merged to establish the Kawasaki Motorcycle Company Ltd. Kawasaki bikes are currently produced at factories in Japan, the United States, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand by Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Motorcycle & Engine division. Motorcycles, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense equipment, rail stock, and ships are the mainstays of this Japanese public multinational enterprise.

Popularity of Kawasaki Bike in Bangladesh

Kawasaki is a well-known motorcycle brand that has a strong presence in Bangladesh. The company has a long history of producing high-quality, reliable bikes that are popular with riders in the country. They only released a small number of bikes in Bangladesh, all of which belonged to the less popular dirt and city bike categories

In Bangladesh, Kawasaki motorcycles are known for their performance, durability, and style. The company offers a wide range of bikes for different riding styles and preferences, including sports bikes, cruiser bikes, touring bikes, and more.

One of the most popular models in Bangladesh is the Kawasaki Ninja, a sport bike known for its powerful engine and agile handling. Overall, Kawasaki bikes are highly regarded in Bangladesh for their quality and performance, and the brand has a strong following among riders in the country.