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In this page, we discuss all available Runner Bike in Bangladesh and all available Runner Bike Price in Bangladesh. Not only bike price we have also included a key specifications of bikes like engine power, top speed, average mileage, and available latest price.

Above the Bikes list, we have discussed Runner bike history and their world journey. You will find more in-details information about each bike with just one click.

Runner Bolt 165R (DD)

Runner Bolt 165R DD Price in BD

Runner Bolt 165R (DD) comes with 165cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 125 KMPH with average 42 KMPL mileage.

Runner Knight Rider V2 (SD)

Knight Rider v2 SD Price in BD

Runner Knight Rider 150 V2 (SD) comes with 150cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 132 KMPH with average 40 KMPL mileage.

Runner Knight Rider 150 (SD)

Runner Knight Rider 150 Price in BD

Runner Knight Rider 150 (SD) comes with 150cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 130 KMPH with average 43 KMPL mileage.

Runner Turbo 125 (SD)

Runner Turbo 125 SD Price in BD

Runner Turbo 125 (SD) comes with 125cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 110 KMPH with average 45 KMPL mileage.

Runner Turbo 125 V2 (SD)

Runner Turbo v2 Price in BD

Runner Turbo 125 V2 (SD) comes with 125cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 110 KMPH with average 45 KMPL mileage.

Runner Bullet 100 V2 (SD)

Runner Bullet v2 SD Price in BD

Runner Bullet 100 V2 (SD) comes with 100cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 95 KMPH with average 50 KMPL mileage.

Runner Royal Plus (SD)

Runner Royal Plus SD Price in BD

Runner Royal Plus (SD) comes with 110cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 85 KMPh with average 50 KMPL mileage.

Runner Kite Plus (SD)

Runner Kite Plus SD Price in BD

Runner Kite Plus (SD) comes with 110cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 80 KMPH with average 55 KMPL mileage.

Runner F100-6A (drum)

Runner F100-6A drum Price in BD

Runner F100-6A (drum) comes with 100cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 80 KMPH with average 55 KMPL mileage.

Runner AD-80S Deluxe

Runner AD-80S Deluxe Price in BD

Runner AD -80S Deluxe (drum) comes with 85cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 80 KMPH with average 55 KMPL mileage.

Runner Bike RT (drum)

Runner Bike RT Price in BD

Runner Bike RT (drum) comes with 86cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 70 KMPH with average 55 KMPL mileage.

Runner AD-80S Alloy

Runner AD-80S Alloy Price in BD

Runner AD-80S Alloy (drum) comes with 85cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 83 KMPH with average 55 KMPL mileage.

Runner Skooty 110 (drum)

Runner Skooty 110 Price in BD

Runner Skooty 110 (drum) comes with 104cc air-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 85 KMPH with average 55 KMPL mileage.

Glorious History of Runner Bike in Bangladesh

Accordance audits in Bangladesh, a nation on the run people running here running there through blistering traffic and harsh terrain. Regardless we all have to be somewhere delivering promises that need to be kept. This is a story of a company caring places and keeping promises passionate About giving every writer the right desire the ride that they deserve. 

Runner automobile started its journey in 2000 dedicating itself to feeding the growing demand of the motorcycle market. In a relatively short time, there has been able to win the hearts and minds of writers. Right across the country runner automobiles employ 638 people who put their hearts into making 100,000 motorcycles every year. 

Runner also has a network of 270 sales centers 100 dealers and 13 showrooms and an impressive after-sales service across Bangladesh providing for 90% of the sub-100 cc segment and having a range of 16 models that cater to everyday customer needs. 

Runner automobiles already command 13 percent of the overall market share and that is growing rapidly. Their most impressive factory premises in Paducah is state of the art and possesses the entire manufacturing chain from press shop, well sharp, paint shop, engine, and vehicle assembly. Convinced central quality control research and development press shop includes a highly modernized shop equipped with hydraulic and mechanical presses of white capacitors C&C machinery for uncle mode and tooling. 

Which includes EDM, wire DMC, CNC, lathe MC milling, CNC pipe bending machine, CNC chilled vending machine, universal testing machine, and hydraulic shearing machine, the well-shot is equipped with MIG, TIG, arc seam, and gas welding machine. 

The paint shop is fully automated with ABS components, TSA paint, and epoxy coat engine assembly. The conveyor includes sub-assembly facilities, leakage testing, engine firing, and captain, etc. 

Central quality control includes specific tests for horn, brake, headlight, Winker, magneto, a CG sheet metal rear cushion, front for corrosion, and duct leakage test. 

They should manage the motorcycle’s general parameter altitude up to heaven. Runner automobiles’ contribution to the two-wheeler manufacturing industry in Bangladesh doesn’t end with making motorcycles. 

They have been also patronizing and technically supporting the backward linkage industries. They have invested in component manufacturing, while rung industries in faith, pool manufacturers, two-wheeler sees QV c BD limited. In de nautical manufactures, chains Harger product manufactures, two-wheelers plastic items and all three companies get technical support from runner automobiles. 

Runner automobiles own runner motors a subsidiary with a 61.67% shareholding in the business of sales distribution and servicing of Volvo trucks and commercial vehicles. Runner motors employ five hundred and forty-one people and have a twenty percent market share in the commercial vehicles market in Bangladesh. 

Since its start in 2004, it has continuously won the Best Performance Award overseas market from Volvo Aishah commercial vehicle India. If you are wondering where they take these monster trucks when it comes to servicing and repairs yes you guessed it runner Motors Limited.

According to the Fitch rating forecast in New York, Bangladesh is the number one upcoming emerging market for commercial vehicles. Where Runner will have a big chunk of the market share. Run our notice provides for the mega demands of 60% of the construction and industrial sectors. 

Vehicles are now that mega impressive but the Runner story isn’t just About a Bangladeshi factory building motorcycles and selling trucks. It is a story About building a Bangladeshi company that we can all be proud of. Their story is also About having concrete governments and a can-do culture. 

The company possessed a solid foundation that attracted foreign investment and trustworthiness. That assured international board members, the relational protected and because of most literature. While in the kingdom we see the specter of persuasion and uniqueness. 

They were on the bill in effect on eliciting is funkier and manifesting before the country’s ability and vision of the sponsor was very much in violence. But they thought it was a miracle as they get more women to believe in God. 

People who were meeting government and exactly Runner has an independent audit committee chaired by Mr. Phil van Hallam a Dutch national with years of experience in the automobile industry. They are an ISO-certified company in three categories quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety management. 

With a vision to touch the one thousand Crocker turnover mark by 2020 Runner automobile is all set for a ride of a lifetime. We have created this nation with devotion hard work and love. Now going to share this deeply every journey has a beginning and the rate can taker is endless.

Final Thought for Runner Bike in Bangladesh

When it comes to motorcycles, the Bangladeshi brand Runner is a clear frontrunner. After satisfying domestic demand, this motorbike manufacturer is now shipping various models to other countries. Runner brand motorcycles are substantially more affordable in Bangladesh because they are manufactured here. Runner motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular in the Bangladeshi market because of their affordable prices and high quality. 

In Bangladesh, Runner Automobiles is one of the most well-known and reliable names in the auto industry. As well as the production and sale of motorcycles, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers, it is sold in the domestic market. Runner bikes are currently being shipped over the world. Although there are other motorcycle companies in Bangladesh that make the same claim, Runner is clearly in the first place when one takes into account the volume and value of motorcycles produced in Bangladesh.

Incorporated as a privately restricted company in July 2000, Runner Automobiles ltd has been in business ever considering that year, first as an importer and dealer of motorbikes. In January 2012, the company changed its legal status to that of a public limited liability company and began commercial production and marketing of the motorcycle.

This company’s ordinary bikes are still doing strong in the tropics despite stiff competition from bikes made in Japan and India. The Runner Turbo and the Runner Knight Rider, two of the brand’s models, are among the best in Bangladesh.

On the other hand, Runner has just released the Runner Bike RT, the cheapest bike in all of Bangladesh. But in Bangladesh, Runner was unable to flourish. Many people incorrectly attribute a low quality to all Chinese-brand bikes, including runners. 

As a reputable and locally based bike company, you face a challenging future. At present, 11 motorcycles are being manufactured by the firm and sold internationally, including in Bangladesh. Of these, 1 is a sports model, while the other 10 are regular models with engine sizes ranging from 80 to 150 cc. It has surpassed all other Bangladeshi locals in popularity. Motorcycles are Runner’s mainstay product, but the company also sells heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, and small-duty vehicles.

Runner Bikes in Bangladesh are cheap and competitively priced with those of similar brands. Runner’s Bid Installment Service is also available in select instances. This is incredibly helpful for the average person and the average worker. Runner Automobiles also has its own sales representatives in practically all of the districts in Bangladesh who are tasked with promoting and selling the company’s motorcycles.

Runner just inked an agreement with United Motors (UM) in the USA, expanding their fleet to include many top-tier motorcycles. Bangladesh is responsible for the final assembly of these bikes. As a result, the cost of bikes of equal quality found elsewhere in the world is significantly lower in the United States. Runner has been making efforts to increase the value and price acceptance of their bicycles in the Bangladeshi market.