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KTM motorbikes, especially their off-road and sports models, are well acclaimed around the globe. The engine CC limit means that only a small number of KTM models are accessible in the Bangladesh market, despite the company’s widespread popularity elsewhere.

Typically, KTM motorcycles cost more in the Bangladeshi market. The high cost of entry means that only a select few can afford to ride KTM motorcycles. On this page, we’ve listed the starting pricing for all of the available KTM motorcycles and bicycles.

KTM 125 Duke European (Dual ABS)

KTM 125 Duke European Price in BD

KTM 125 Duke European (dual ABS) comes with 124.7cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 125 KMPH with average 36 KMPL mileage.

KTM RC 125 European (Dual ABS)

KTM RC 125 European Price in BD

KTM RC 125 European (dual ABS) comes with 124.7cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 125 KMPH with average 36 KMPL mileage.

KTM 125 Duke Indian (Dual ABS)

KTM Duke 125 Indian Price in BD

KTM 125 Duke Indian (dual ABS) comes with 124.7cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 120 KMPH with average 45 KMPL mileage.

KTM RC 125 Indian (Dual ABS)

KTM RC 125 Indian Price in BD

KTM RC 125 Indian (dual ABS) comes with 124.7cc liquid-cooled engine. Its approx top speed is 125 KMPH with average 42 KMPL mileage.

When it comes to off-road capability there is one motorcycle brand that outshines all other bike manufacturers. One with some of the most adventurous, daring, and ratchet crazy riders of all time. That brand is KTM and before KTM was an international superstar. The company almost failed twice.

History of KTM | 1943

This is engineer Johann Trunkenpulz aka Hans, He works on cars and operates one of the largest car repair shops in Austria Mayrhofen.

During the war, Hans and his team of 35 employees repaired trucks for the military.

Fast forward to 1945, Germany loses the war and so hans has to go back to fixing regular old cars. This time things were a bit different. After world war ii the european economy was in shambles.

Millions were jobless and most couldn’t afford to own a car, so Hans didn’t have any cars to repair and that’s when motorcycles entered the picture. See motorcycles back then were a cheaper form of transportation. So in 1953 hans partnered up with Ernest Custon and Fritz Milzer to produce the KTM R100 98cc,

Hand-pulled engine with a two-speed gearbox, three horsepower and a rigid body frame so you can really get a feel for the road. It was basic but it sold. Later that year Hans and businessman Ernest Kronrief joined together to form KTM motorcycles, and this is the official beginning of the KTM brand.

Together they produced a series of great motorcycles in 1954 KTM introduced the R125 TOURIST. This motorcycle has foot controls, it has six horsepower a real tax engine with kickstarter. Then that same year they released a Mount Belt scooter.

Mirabelle Scooter, In 1955 they released a Grand Tourist and Tarzan sports bike. In 1957 the Trophy sports bike the Meki moped and the Mustang R150. 

Now KTM couldn’t just build the motorcycles and expect them to sell. They had to prove that these bikes were capable, so in 1954 KTM decided that they would ride the R125 from Paris to Vienna a trip that was 1278 kilometers long. It took the KTM team 21 hours to complete the trip. Proving that a KTM was indeed faster than the Albergue express train. Which did the same trip in 24 hours if that wasn’t enough to convince you to buy KTM.

KTM Started Winning Races

The company started winning races. KTM won gold at the austrian 125 cc championship in 1954. Then secured another gold and two bronze medals at the international six days in 1956. So now you’re probably wondering how a company is building great motorcycles and winning championships. Suddenly stop making money! Well for that answer you’ll have to look at the economy. 

By the late 1950s, Europe had recovered from the war and it spent two things this meant that people did not have money and they could not afford to buy a car. This marks sort of the dark days of the motorcycle industry, where demand for bikes declined, substantially driving many bike manufacturers to bankruptcy.

KTM however managed to survive by selling one thing and one thing only. Now that’s a makeshift moped right there mopeds or anything 50ccs and under allowed people to get around without having to own a license. So these vehicles became incredibly popular with teenagers.

Between 1960 and 1968 KTM was solely a moped manufacturer, and they sold them in three different models. They had the 1960 Pony scooter a tasteful sophisticated ride. The 1964 comet is a bike that looks like a motorcycle but it isn’t. It’s a moped and so you can get all the cool points of riding a bike without actually having to get a license. Finally, the 1968 hobby was basically a bicycle with a motor just in case you didn’t feel like pedaling that day.

I should probably mention that at this point Hans and Ernest the founders of KTM are no longer with us. The company is now being run by Han’s son Eric Trunkenpolz. By the mid-1960s the moped industry was Booming. KTM sold 10 000 comments by 1966 and everything was back to normal by 1970. So KTM went back to doing what it does best.

Producing radiators and building some kick-ass off-road Motorcycles like the GS125, the GS 175, and the MotoCross 250. This bike was crucial in leading the Nadi mosses to victory. At the 1974 motocross world championships. KTM motorcycles were hot so hot in fact that Americans wanted a piece of the pie. So in 1968 android writer and entrepreneur john penton imported KTM bikes and sold them under the name Penton Motorcycles.

They sold so well the KTM expanded to North America. In 1978 through the establishment of KTM America Incorporated located in Lorraine, Ohio. By the 1980s KTM was huge it was a multi-million dollar company, it had over 700 employees and they were developing some of the coolest motorcycle tech at the time. 

They developed the first 125cc water cooled Motocross bikes. They fitted their bikes with pro level rear suspension and became the first motorcycle manufacturer to offer front and rear disc brakes on an off-road motorcycle.

Okay, I love this cool attack, but what does it all mean for KTM? 

Well, they meant winning all categories in the international six days enduro in 1986. Commit winning 22 medals to motocross world championships since their return in 1974.

This meant that KTMs were the only machines that could truly compete against Japanese manufacturers. Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki these four brands dominated racing and sales in the 80s.

KTM on the other hand dominated racing with expensive parts and impressive unreliability. Fast forward to 1987 KTM scooters and the few light motorcycles that they produce, just aren’t selling the company stops vehicle production in 1988, and the company goes bankrupt in 1991. that’s the story of KTM thanks for being with us.

That’s the story of KTM thanks for being with us. Alright just kidding KTM doesn’t quit the bankrupt company is acquired by cross industries in 1991. Cross industries is owned by this guy here Stefan Perier the new ceo of KTM and the man responsible for bringing KTM back from the dead. 

First thing Stefan does is establish a new motorcycle division KTM sports motorcycle. He understood that in order for KTM to truly stand a chance. A company needed to significantly improve their design and build quality.

He brings in the kiska design firm the kiska team makes everything orange and sexy. In 1994 they released a fun supermoto for the road. The 620 dude, it does okay it could use more power so Stefan throws more money into r d KTM acquires who super. 

Then acquires white power suspension by the 2000s KTM has three core bikes. The Duke, the Adventurer and the Super Modem.

These bikes would grow in size every single year more ccs more horsepower more fun. Some bikes were just awful like the 950 adventure. But most bikes sold incredibly well like the KTM super dude nice. KTM expands its lineup even more. 

They produce a superbike, gang up with Polaris to produce a track card, and grow to become the best-selling brand in Europe. KTM was on fire. They bought Husqvarna in 2013.

They partnered up with some of the best riders in the world and completely eradicated the competition in off-road racing. KTM’s racing post-bankruptcy was magnificent. KTM has 222 Dakar rally wins, far more than any other manufacturer.

They have 45 enduro world championships,

also more than any other manufacturer. Then they went over to motocross world championships and took over that too. Winning a whopping 33 times in the last 20 years.

So not only were these bikes extremely capable and well designed, but these were the bikes that all the pros were using. That’s how k10 became such a premium brand it’s the motorcycle brand for the best of the best. 

A community of some of the most skilled, dedicated and adventurous writers in the entire world and for that reason and for many other reasons is why people choose to ride orange. This has been a road trip on the history of KTM. 

If you’ve made it this far into our blog thank you so much for knowing the history of KTM. If you want more blogs like these only from motorcycle brands let me know in the comments below.

Entry of KTM Bike in Bangladesh

KTM is a major player in the global market for high-tech sport motorcycles. A household name around the world, this Austrian company is number two in the industry for producing motorcycles and sports bikes. KTM AG, an Austrian motorcycle and sports vehicle manufacturer, is jointly owned by KTM Industries AG of Austria and Bajaj Auto of India. 

Even though it didn’t officially begin operations until 1992, its roots go back to 1934. KTM is an internationally renowned motorcycle manufacturer well known for its off-road motorcycles. Since the 1990s, when it first began producing street motorcycles, it has come a long way as an industry. For the past four years running, starting back in 2012, KTM has been Europe’s most popular motorcycle manufacturer. The company has become the industry standard for off-road motorbike production.

KTM is a well-respected company all around the world, and not just in the motorcycle or sport bike industries.

The KTM motorcycle is priced significantly pricier in Bangladesh than similar models from other manufacturers. Since then, the KTM brand has struggled to expand in BD. Market expansion for these brands continues in Bangladesh. Only dedicated bike fans in Bangladesh have any of the rare KTM bikes in their collections. KTM has a limited presence in the Bangladeshi market, with only a handful of authorized dealers and service centers now open.

Motorcycle World Ltd. not only imports the majority of KTM motorcycles sold in Bangladesh, but is also the country’s sole distributor of KTM bikes. Only a select few types of KTM motorcycles are now offered in the Bangladeshi market.

Thank you again for being with us. Have a good night, and take care.